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Posted in: Contests
September 13, 20131 year ago

Abyss gets 1st place in the 2013 Anno Domini "in the cypher vol. 3" contest.

I'm gonna be real here. Over 10 years I've been a huge fan of Anno Domini Productions. I've leased many beats and put out allot of hot tracks among this time with them. Every year I would enter a song into their contest and i would sometimes get "runner up" etc but nothing in the top spots. I would get all excited waiting for the winners to be announced and it was never me and i would get so crushed and I'd say, I'll get em next year. This has been for 10 years now. Well this year was a little different, I was chosen for 1st place and I am completely honored and extremely excited. This is like "Americas Got Talent" for my genre of underground hip hop. Thank you to all my supporters that stood by me over these years. I'm only getting warmed up. BIG THANKS goes out to Anno Domini for putting this contest on and providing the opportunity for us. Read more
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Tags: Abyss, Lou Showers, Mosaic
August 31, 20131 year ago

Abyss & Lou Showers New Album "Mosaic" coming soon.

As you may know: Abyss's genre is hardcore underground hip hop. As you may know: Lou Shower's genre is Rock, Classical, Pop.  CLICK HERE to hear Lou Showers As you should know: They came together on a 17 track album that will be dropping Fall 2013 As you should know: This album is unbelievable & incredibly unique. Want to hear a song off it?.......... check out the smash single "On The Rocks" produced by DJ Slipwax Just CLICK HERE to hear "On The Rocks"
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August 10, 20131 year ago

The New Album "AlterEgo" Coming Soon!

This project has been in the works for over a year, i am 2 tracks away from getting it completely complete.  I am thinking of a Fall/Winter 2013 release for this project.  The features include Tragedy Khadafi, Nine, Gravity, Lou Showers, Genevieve & DJ Slipwax.   The production includes Teddy Roxpin, DC The Midi Alien, One Take, Relentless, Anno Domini, & AlexKid One.  The album will be for sale on iTunes for $10.99.  Thank you for the support!
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